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About Kerri Lipsitz

Kerri is a London-based interior designer who focuses on reimagining classic spaces that are designed to be cherished, lived in and enjoyed. With each project, she establishes a cohesive narrative that draws on a building’s history, whilst uniting diverse influences seamlessly and comfortably.  Her work creates a balance of opposing elements – strength and softness; past and future; masculine and feminine. Kerri’s aesthetic honours craftsmanship, natural materials and the architectural canvas, overlaid with beautiful, yet considered and functional furniture – with a particular focus on antiques and bespoke pieces.

Every project is a collaboration between the client and Kerri, working closely from the initial concept. Kerri seeks to understand the client and how they live. This results in spaces created around the needs and personality of the client, tailoring every aspect to work seamlessly within their daily life.

Kerri’s career began in the world of fashion – working in PR and communications roles for Prada and Yves Saint Laurent.  
She was inspired to build upon her creativity and a keen eye for detail, studied Architectural Interior Design at Inchbald School of Design. She now creates inviting spaces that inspire her clients, whilst being calming, comforting and importantly, evolve with them over the years.